Infobhai: The best cuisines around the world

If there is one thing that most people like to do, it’s eating good food! You would be surprised by how much people hold their favourite dishes and cuisines close to their hearts. It’s for this reason that we at Infobhai decided to open our website. Through delicious and healthy eating, we can all be on our way to a better lifestyle! 

When you genuinely love the healthy food that you are eating, you are one step closer to a good lifestyle and it’s not as hard as you might think. We at Infobhai are here to help you out through our blogs and other online content. 

You might feel as if you are confined to the food in your hometown or country. Well, you can always broaden your reach and try some of the best dishes from other places. For more information, take a look at some of the most popular cuisines around the world: 


France is considered to be the culinary capital of the world. In terms of wine and fine dining, the French certainly take the cake. Some of the most popular French dishes you need to try include baguettes, escargot, bouillabaisse, quiche lorraine and steak frites. Soups and desserts are a must-try as well to complete the experience! 


If you are the kind of person who enjoys pizza and pasta, then Italian cuisine might be your calling. The bread, noodles and sauces in Italian cuisine are divine and you will find yourself overwhelmed by the different options available. On the other hand, Italian gelato is also iconic, with various flavours that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Next to France, Japan is also lauded for its delicious cuisine. The culture is well-known for offering cuisines that don’t just taste good, but looks good and is healthy as well! You will often find restaurants or chefs preparing everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. Some of the popular dishes you need to try include ramen, sushi, miso soup and tempura.


When it comes to spice and flavour, India is one of the best in the world. If you take one bite of some iconic curry dishes or enjoy some tandoori chicken while travelling, you will be blown away by the smoky flavours and spices used in the dish. Not to mention, all of these work well with neutral ingredients like naan and rice. 


Of course, you simply cannot leave China out of the list. This is because China has delicious and iconic dishes that have left the country and spread to other parts of the world as well. Some dishes such as kung pao chicken, Peking duck and various dumplings are things you must try especially if it’s your first time trying the food. 

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