Top 5 dishes from different countries 

Who doesn’t love food? It literally gives us life! This is why it’s so important to make good food so people continue to eat delicious and healthy meals. In fact, there are unique cuisines out there that are only available authentically in particular countries. 

This is where the art of food comes in. In fact, most are prepared in meticulous ways to bring out the flavour in every single ingredient. However, there’s only one that reigns supreme above all the food in a given country. 

In today’s Infobhai’s food blog, here are the top foods in a particular country. Below will cover parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Philippines: Sinigang 

In the 7,640 islands of the Philippines, everyone can agree that sinigang is one of the best dishes ever made. It’s a dish that used to be made from the leftover cow bones of the previous night’s dinner. Now you can use pork belly to make the dish even tastier. 

With fresh vegetables like radishes, swamp cabbages (kang kong), Ginger (luya), and tomatoes, you have yourself a soup that’s made with absolute perfection. What makes the sinigang unique is its sour tamarind taste that’s turned into a paste-like substance. Once this is achieved, it’s then added to the broth to make it taste sour. 

After boiling all the ingredients together, you have yourself a dish that keeps the family full for the whole day. It’s one of the most comfortable dishes to eat in the Philippines, one that’s also easy to make. 

United States: Thanksgiving roasted turkey 

While Christmas is globally regarded as one of the most celebrated holidays, Thanksgiving happens to top it in the United States. The rich history of the U.S. has legends stating that there was a Thanksgiving dinner held in November with the native Indians and the pilgrims. 

To commemorate that feast, a national holiday was conceived just before Christmas to celebrate Thanksgiving. The most popular dish for Thanksgiving is without a doubt the roasted turkey. 

On the eve of Thanksgiving, families prepare for the feast by dressing the turkey with olive oil, rosemary, and onion to add flavour to the uncooked meat. Then, a solid 2-3 hours is set to cook the whole turkey. 

After drizzling the meat with cranberry sauce and gravy, you have yourself the perfect Thanksgiving treat that the rest of the family can enjoy. 

Italy: Spaghetti carbonara 

The famous white sauce spaghetti garnered several Italian food enthusiasts from around the world to have different variations to the recipe. However, nothing quite beats the immense taste of authentic spaghetti carbonara made by the Italian chefs themselves.

With mushrooms, pancetta, and egg yolks, you have yourself one of Italy’s finest dishes ever. 

Japan: Sushi

Sushi was also one of the first Japanese foods to become well-known outside of Japan, such as in the United States and in the United Kingdom. It became a crowd-pleaser after garnering popularity all around the world.

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