(viral Reality) Why Carry video removed from youtube: “YouTube vs TikTok – The End”-#7 million likes

Carryminati’s fans asking that why carry video removed from youtube?

Carry mini is a YouTube star and has 16 million subscribers and he is just a 20-year-old guy, but he is not happy right now because of his most viral video ever that is “YouTube vs TikTok – The End”, has been removed from YouTube.

Reasons Why Carry video removed from YouTube?

  • Resources says that Youtube has said that carry video was removed from YouTube for violating YouTube’s term and conditions.
  • YouTube has been updated his terms of policy (harassment policy) in ending of December 2019.” we will not tolerate harassment”.
  • And as you know that Carry Minati’s video was quite about TikTok’s self-proclaimed Social influencer Amir Siddiqui.
  • Although Carry Minati is a roaster king in India this is the first time that carries video has removed from YouTube.
  • “YouTube vs TikTok – The End” crossed all the views records and as a result become the highest on YouTube India, just in a single day, and in short Carry, Minati’s video had broked all the records.

What is actually in  “YouTube vs TikTok – The End” Carry Minati’s video?

Everyone is asking why carry video removed from YouTube but firstly we should know what is happened in the video.

Minati makes a video as a reply of Self proclaimed TikTok social influencer Amir Siddiqui’s IGTV video in which he Targeted YouTubers.

  • Then Carry Minati pointed out that Tik Tok videos are short and have poor content.
  • And in comparison to YouTube videos, TikTok videos are less relevant.
  • Amir Siddiqui’s video says that Youtubers are jealous of Tiktokers Success.
  • Amir Siddiqui also says that Youtubers just gain sympathy from their videos and in reply carry shared a video in which Amir Siddiqui feeding poor kids.
  • Carry shows how poor grammar has Siddiqui who studied for six years in Moscow.
  • Carry also point out one more mistake of Amir Siddiqui that being  Siddiqui proclaimed himself as a social influencer he used #skirt in his Instagram post.

Carry Minati’s Fan asking why to carry video removed from YouTube and their reactions on it :

Carry mini has a huge fan following and everyone is asking one single question why carry video removed from YouTube?

And everyone in social media says that we want that video again and raises a slogan why carry video removed from YouTube?

It was just a fun roast, @CarryMinati. Everything else aside, I’m rooting for you. Keep the good content coming in buddy 👍⚡🔥 #carryminati #carryminatiroast

— Himansh Kohli (@himanshkohli) May 14, 2020

Judge sahab, ladai hai #Carryminati from Youtube aur Amir from TikTok ki par insaaf aisa lag raha hai ki Twitter pe hi maanga jaa raha hai

Youtube vs Tiktok mein, jeet Twitter ki ho rahi hai

— richa singh (@richa_singh) May 14, 2020

Youtube can allow all this crap ~~But a guy who is doing right thing video is removed…. We want video back…..

Shame on youtube #carryminati #justiceforcarry #shameonyoutube pic.twitter.com/O30szClhen

— Crusher (@Crusher_ItsRG) May 15, 2020

CarryMinati’s video has been deleted by youtube due to cyberbullying & harassment💔💔 aag lagado bc pure instagram par, wapas chaiyhe bhai ki video, viral kardo #bringbackcarryminativideo hashtag ko @youtube @youtubeindia . . #bringbackcarryminativideo #bringcarryminativideoback #carryminatimemes #youtube #youtubememes #carrybhai #tiktok #tiktokmemes #carry #carryminatifan #carryminatiforever #carryminatipubg #carryminatimeme #carryminatiremix #carryminatifandom #youtuber #youtubers #ashishchanchlani #harshbeniwal #bhuvanbam #beyounick #elvishyadav #amitbhadana #memesdaily #sarcasmmemes #dankmemes #haramipun #indianmemes . @carryminati @theamitbhadana @harshbeniwal @bhuvan.bam22 @elvish_yadav @theawanishsingh @ashishchanchlani

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Who is Carry Minati and how he became so famous?

If you don’t know about the history of famous YouTuber Carry Minati then let me tell you about him.

His real name is “Ajay Nagar” belongs to Faridabad Haryana.

He started his career as Youtuber in 2010 and also he got the golden button from YouTube in 2017 when he crossed one million subscribers (1 million).

In his journey, many up and downs come but he never gives up and just focuses on his work

Before becoming the great Roaster king of India he got his first viral video after collaborating with fellow Youtuber Bhuvan Bham called Making money with BB ki vines.

Carry Minati also make one more diss called Bye Bye PewDiePie which was not removed from YouTube-like his latest video “YouTube vs TikTok – The End”

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